Elissa becomes brand ambassador for FRESHLOOK® and AIR˚OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses in the Middle East


World’s leading cosmetic contact lenses brand, FRESHLOOK® and AIR OPTIX® COLORS announced Elissa, one of the most popular female Middle Eastern artists, as a partner and official brand ambassador for its cosmetic lenses in the Middle East. The announcement was made during an event held on 22 May at Hilton Habtoor Grand, Beirut and organized by AMICO, the official distributor for Alcon vision care products in the Middle East.

“Through this partnership, Elissa, the idol for many Arab women will create versatile eye looks wearing FRESHLOOK® and AIR OPTIX® COLORS cosmetic contact lenses which are designed with the special 3 in 1 technology to blend with the wearers’ own eye color to perfectly compliment their eyes”, said Nadim Khattar, Amico Marketing Manager.

FRESHLOOK® and AIR OPTIX® COLORS cosmetic lenses are the best fit for Middle East’s extreme weather conditions as they come embedded with UV protection that blocks 90% UV rays.

Moreover, with 31 colors to choose from, FRESHLOOK® and AIR OPTIX® COLORS are a perfect beauty accessory for every occasion allowing their users to mix and match the contact lens with make-up, accessories and the overall outfits. They help achieve a spectacular color that bestows sparkle and beauty to the eyes.

Manufactured by Alcon, the global leader in eye care and a division of Novartis, FRESHLOOK® and AIR OPTIX® COLORS offer high quality, comfort and reliable contact lens performance. FRESHLOOK® range comes in One-day and Monthly disposable contact lenses, and AIR OPTIX® COLORS are available as monthly lenses.

FRESHLOOK® features a special 3-in-1 technology that blends three colors into one for a natural look. The FRESHLOOK® family includes the monthly FRESHLOOK® ColorBlends® and Colors® for daily wear with nightly removal and proper cleaning and storage for up to one month of wear before disposal, and FRESHLOOK® ONE-DAY designed to be worn daily and thrown away at the end of the day.

FRESHLOOK® color contact lenses are available with or without vision correction.

AIR OPTIX® COLORS combines beautiful color with consistent comfort from day 1 to day 30 and features the FRESHLOOK 3-in-1 technology.

Whether looking for a subtle or vibrant effect, AIR OPTIX® COLORS, a new generation of breathable monthly color contact lenses, offers a new and healthy option for consumers looking for premium lenses.

Unlike other color contact lenses with color printed on the lens surface, the color of AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses is inside the lens material. All that touches your eyes is the unique, smooth surface of AIR OPTIX® brand contact lenses so users can enjoy comfortable and beautiful contact lens wear in a full range of colors—with or without vision correction.

Wearing and caring for contact lenses

Color contact lenses can be worn full-time or in conjunction with eyeglasses or clear contacts. Contact lenses should not be worn for longer than the wearing period recommended by an eye care professional. It is important to replace contact lenses on a frequent basis to help prevent discomfort, dryness, blurred vision or allergic reaction that can result from a build-up of protein and lipid deposits on the contact lenses.

To properly care for contact lenses we recommend OPTI-FREE® multipurpose disinfecting solutions. An eye care professional will instruct on how to care for contacts.

The new communication campaign

Mr. Nadim Khattar, Amico marketing manager announced that a new communication campaign including a full range of marketing and advertising material with the new Elissa’s visuals will be launched in June across the Middle East.