Mike Massy signs “Le Délire” surrounded by his fans and the press

Mike Massy released the physical copy of his latest album “Le Délire” on Wednesday 24th of May 2017 at the Virgin Megastores Downtown surrounded by his fans, friends, celebrities and the press.
The EP includes 5 songs, 4 in the French language and the fifth track is the Lebanese version of the hit “Ne Me Quitte Pas” by the legendary Jacques Brel.
Few hours after its digital release, the album charted on iTunes, topping the World charts in Switzerland (Top 1), France (Top 3), Greece and the USA.
Massy dedicated a Special Edition of the album for the Press along with a collection of his older albums to thank them for their continuous support and coverage.
Mike Massy’s next destination is Paris for the release of his upcoming musical album “Jesus de Nazareth à Jerusalem” in June. 
Massy is expected to release his album in Lebanese in the coming months as he assured it is in the final stages of preparations.