Ehdeniyat is more than a Festival, it is an Experience

After the success of Ehdeniyat International Festival in the past years, as it brought together the best international and national artists under a magical atmosphere. as also Thousands of people from various Lebanese regions and towns in addition to many expatriates attended the event, aiming to live the amazing spirit of  Ehdeniyat that has transformed into a unique experience linking the culture with art.

This summer, Ehden’s sky will shine bright with the world’s most famous stars; more over Ehdeniyat Theater will be adorned with the finest musical and artistic performances, From 29 July to 18 August.

At the Festival’s opening, on July 29, a wonderful event entitled “Cine Orchestre” by “Maestro Lubnan Baalbaki” will be presented with the Lebanese philharmonic Orchestra directed by Georges Khabbaz. This workshop is produced by “Ehdeniyat”, it will include a fusion between famous international and Lebanese movies while a 70-member band leaded by the Maestro LubnanBaalbaki will be playing the music of these movies as also many scenes will be played on stage by Georges khabbaz and his team.

On 4-5 August and for two consecutive nights, the Caesar Kadim El Sahir will sing as part of Ehdeniyat International Festival especially that His hosting has become an annual tradition in the festival’s program, which is the fifth year of his participation.

On 11 August, 4 years after his triumphal tour, Michel Sardou is back on stage with « LA DERNIERE DANSE » (THE LAST DANCE). Along with his best hits, Michel Sardou will be singing new songs to thank his loyal fans to have followed him for 50 years. As part of his international tour, Michel Sardou will join us in Ehden for a night of pure romance and nostalgia. Up until now, Michel Sardou has sold more than 100 million records.

From Romance and Words of Love, Ehdeniyat International Festival brings us to an unique concert on August 12 with “Mashrou’ Leila”, a five-member alternative rock band that has its own style that fuses the craftiness of a music workshop with the punch of stadium rock. With their distinct approach of storytelling and orchestration, they have crafted some of the most melancholic ballads and raucous anthems in contemporary alternative Arabic music.

The closing on August 18 will be with the international singer Taio Cruz, who will by singing “Dynamite”, enlighten the stage and ignite the atmosphere.

As many previous years, Ehdeniyat International Festival organizes 4 musical and theatrical Events for the Kids where the participation is free.

“Ehdeniyat” is not only a Music Festival, but also it includes an environmental program entitled “Ehdeniyat Green Festival”, organized every year, by Ehdeniyat International festival committee, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of waste sorting, which contributes to human and sustainable development.

Al Koubra archeological building plays an important role in Ehden from the historical and archeological point of view. It is considered one of the most important touristic attractions in Ehden. It has become a part of Ehdeniyat due to the activities that were held during Ehdeniyat winter and spring programs, especially that Ehdeniyat became a permanent movement extended on all seasons. From here, the building will also be a part of Ehdeniyat during this summer, where it will be held for two months, many wonderful and unique exhibitions, in addition to the cultural and entertainment activities that satisfy all categories and ages.

What is worth mentioning, that this year “Himaya” will be a part of Ehdeniyat International Festival, Himaya is a Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to make, child protection, a right across Lebanon, and deals with abused children with the aim of protecting the innocence and spreading awareness in the society about physical, verbal and psychological violence against children. Furthermore all this Event’s proceeds will go back to the “Children’s Cancer Center in Lebanon”, that aims to provide access to free treatment and care to all children with cancer in Lebanon and the region, without any discrimination, and to the “GNK Traffic Academy”, which aims to raise awareness about road/traffic safety and to educate the children and youth of Lebanon, aged between 6 and 18 years, the ethics and laws of traffic with high and developed techniques.


Nowadays, Ehdeniyat became more than a festival; it is an experience that combines culture, environment, art, entertainment, heritage, and history at once. An experience gained by the visitors first on Ehdeniyat symposium, which leaves a mark of joy and hope in the heart of every resident Lebanese or expatriate. Second, by visiting the town of Ehden and discovering its mysterious characteristics and by living its diverse and various activities, especially that Ehden is the town that never sleeps. Furthermore, what’s worth mentioning that Ehdeniyat’s experience has been a permanent movement in all seasons in the last few months in order to revive tourism that is the heartbeats of all the other sectors.

As usual, tickets are sold at all Virgin Megastore branches. For more information and inquires you can call at 76908020 or follow us on our Social Media

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Like every year, Ehdeniyat International Festival management provides transportation from specific points, recognized by the festival’s visitors at the Virgin Megastore to get them from Beirut to Ehden.