His Excellency the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Avedis Guidanian,

His Excellency the Minister of Culture Dr. Ghattas Khoury,

Mayor of Zouk Mikael Mr. Elie Baino,

Ladies and gentlemen, journalists and media professionals,


I am pleased to welcome you all on behalf of the Zouk Mikael International Festival Committee.

This year’s program will highlight artistic talent that reflects Lebanon’s image, culture, art and creativity.

In order to maintain the high level of professionalism that has been shown at the Zouk Mikael festival since its inception in 2003 and despite the limited financial capabilities, the Committee decided to hold two special events this year, both of which are celebrating Lebanese artists: a resident artist and an expatriate artist.

* The first concert Tuesday, July 4: Guy Manoukian Musician, composer and musician presents “The Journey”.

In celebration of his 25 years in the music industry, Guy Manoukian opens the Zouk Mikael Festival with the first show of his new concert “The Journey” before starting his tour.

Guy Manoukian, who set out from Lebanon, crossed borders and became a prominent figure in the world. He has won a number of international awards, most notably and closest to his heart: the Armenian Music Award, which he won in Los Angeles, as wellas the Arab Music Award in Dubai.


* The second concert Thursday, July 6: Maysaa Kara, aLebanese-American singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles will present a concert titled:


She will be accompanied by an All-Star group of musicians who have been/are part of bands such as PINK FLOYD, STEVIE WONDER and DAVID BOWIE.

Mayssa came into the spotlight in 2013 when she recorded her own adaptation of the of the song “White Rabbit” for the American film “American Hustle” which was nominated for 10 Oscars. The sound track of the film was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Mayssa was featured with Placido Domingo in a documentary about Enrico Caruso.  Just last week she released her own adaptation of the song “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd feat. Pink Floyd’s rhythm guitarist and Saxophone player Scott Page.

The festival season is launched, we must draw attention to the need to find a solution to the financial crisis experienced by all festivals so that we can all continue to serve Lebanon’s tourism sector, culturally and economically as well as in promoting Lebanon to the region and the world.

We thank to the Minister of Tourism for hosting us and for supporting the festivals and artistic activities in the country.

We thank also for the Minister of Culture for his support of cultural activities.

I also thank all those who contributed to the success of the Zouk Mikael International Festival.

My regards and appreciations to the media for their constant support.

See you at the Zouk Mikael International festival in July.